A Helpful Guide to Meridian Products’ Terminology

While a lot of terms within the woodworking industry are somewhat universal, there may be some terms that Meridian Products uses that are not familiar to you. Some of the simpler terms are pretty straightforward, such as the use of “regular” vs. “standard” or “select” vs. “premium” when referring to the grade of material. Even product descriptions such as “front frame” vs. “face frame” are easily understood. For the best possible service from Meridian, please try to use the correct terminology whenever possible.

To provide some clarity to our customers and to avoid any confusion when ordering, we’ve compiled a list of terms that Meridian Products uses that may or may not be part of your vernacular.

  • MDRF stands for Medium-Density Refined Fiberboard (most commonly referred to as “MDF”)
  • Mortise & Tenon / Coped
  • Mortise & Tenon / Notched
  • “Mullions” are the actual grids, whereas “Lites” are the openings
  • “Frame Profile” (also referred to as “frame bead”)
  • “Edge Profile” (also referred to as a “lip”)
  • “Panel Profile” (also referred to as a “raise”)
  • “Panel Setback” (also referred to as a “reveal”)
  • “RP” for Meridian stands for “Raised Panel” but does not have to actually have a raised face. Any door that has a solid wood panel will be considered RP, even if it’s a flat face solid wood panel.
  • “FP” for Meridian stands for “Flat Panel” but actually means any door that has a plywood panel
  • Multipaneled doors are considered either “Upright” or “Side by Side”
  • “No Rabbet” is a frame only that is not routed for glass and has no panel plough
  • “Pre-fit” (also referred to as “Inset”)
  • We do not use the term “Shaker” for any door designs or profiles
  • “Inlaid MDF” is an MDF door with a separate, inlaid panel (2-pc. MDF door)
  • “Retainer” molding for glass doors will be vinyl unless specified otherwise

If you would like to learn more about Meridian Products or if you have additional questions about our terminology, feel free to contact us!