Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

By Katie Van Blargan, Meridian Customer Service

Cleaning kitchen cabinets on a regular basis and removing grease and grime will add to the beauty and longevity of your investment.

There is no better story than those hidden within your kitchen cabinets…or better yet splattered on the walls. From greasy fingers and spaghetti sauce splashes to frying oil stains and dusty flour marks – your kitchen cabinets get hit with a lot. The untold stories of the kitchen are those for the memory books. And while we all love to reminisce, we would rather not have these memories etched in our cabinets forever. That’s why removing the grease, grime, and other food residue from your cabinets on a regular basis is key to maintaining your cabinets’ beauty for years to come.

Meridian Products produces high quality cabinetry that brings both elegance and functionality to your kitchen. Proper cleaning, with gentle products, should be done on a regular basis to keep your cabinetry looking its best. Below you will find some simple methods and some natural solutions to keep your cabinets clean while making new memories every chance you get!

Dusting Inside and Out

Let’s start with the simple cleaning task of dusting. This should be done to both the inside and outside of your cabinets. Be sure to remove the contents (dishes, glasses, food, etc.) before you begin. Dusting will allow you to pick up the smallest particle…especially the ones you do not even realize are there! Make sure all debris is gone before you move on to your next step.

Wiping Down with a Gentle Cleaner

After dusting out the cabinets be sure to wipe them down. Avoid any abrasive cleaners like ammonia as their active cleaning agents may cause decolorization, scratches, marring, and dulling of the finish. Luke warm water and a mild soap (like Dawn) can be very effective. Be sure not to soak your towel, just make it damp and be sure to wipe in the direction of the grain. If you need to spot treat any area, grab another bowl with two-parts baking soda, one-part water and focus on those stubborn grease and sauce marks! Please dry the items off completely after cleaning.

Spot treatment on cabinets can be tricky. While the baking soda solution works most times, tougher stains (like the ones the kids or spouse made while cooking but didn’t wipe up) may require something more. A white eraser is most likely the best way to go here. These erasers allow you to clean off your stains without any harsh side effects. They can also help with anything from chair scuffs to very tough grease spots.

Now that your cabinets are clean, you’re ready to make new memories in your kitchen.