Kitchen and Cabinetry Trends

By Katie Van Blargan, Meridian Customer Service

One of the meanings of the word TRENDING is “widely mentioned or discussed on the internet, especially on social media websites” (, 2022).

If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you’re here with your customer in mind. Whether your client was just talking to you about the newest kitchen ideas trending on Pinterest, or you’re hoping to get ahead of your clients by staying on top of the trends this year, your partners at Meridian Products have got you covered! We’ll give insight into the top emerging trends and help you make these projects a breeze.

Matte Black Kitchens:

You’ve heard of the tuxedo kitchen – two-tone cabinets with floor cabinets one color/shade and upper wall cabinets another (often white on top and black on the bottom). You’ve probably even installed a few. Well, now consumers want unified color and pieces, which means you’ll need slab doors in the newest color trend: Matte Black. Don’t worry. Our finishing department has you covered in this area with our super matte collection. Is your customer wanting a very specific color? Meridian Product’s finishing department can special color match your customer’s dream color.

Flexi Workspace:

We all know COVID-19 kicked off a boom in home remodeling, driving people to redo everything from bathrooms, to kitchens, to creating home office spaces. A popular trend we’re seeing is referred to as “flexi space” where customers are looking for flexible space within an existing room. Think home office or school work-area concealed in a freestanding cabinet that can be closed up at the end of the day or a built-in desk designed as a seamless part of the kitchen.

If your customer is concerned about organization and tidiness, Meridian’s drawer box options can be the perfect solutions. We have everything from coffee pod organizers , multi-level cutlery trays, even a docking station! Making your customer’s ‘work from home’ life simpler, organized and tidy. We can also help with framing, door construction, and pre fit doors and drawers. Meridian Products can help you make your customer’s flexi space an in-home reality.

Dark Wood Cabinetry:

Pinterest has had a big impact on our industry, providing customers with many ideas, which they in turn, bring to you. Using dark wood in the home is one of those ideas that is getting more popular.

We all know that walnut wood, while expensive, has long been a consumer favorite. However, new trends of using dark wood like black walnut and mahogany in the home is trending. Keep in mind, when customers are inquiring about the use of these darker woods, Meridian Products carries all of these wood species and has a number of dark stain options available. It’s important to manage customers’ expectations and to help them understand that a natural look, while beautiful, can lead to a less uniform look.

The Blended Kitchen:

Open floor plans with the kitchen and living areas combining to create expanded gathering spaces is the new norm. Now, there’s a desire to make the kitchen itself feel “more lived-in” and reflect the personality of the homeowner and the rest of the home. You may be hearing from your clients a desire for more personal elements in their kitchen designs. Requests for open shelves or peg rails, unconventional work surfaces, or colors that were usually reserved for other rooms in the house. While Meridian has you covered for the framing, doors, drawer fronts, and drawers, our floating shelves are the perfect solution for displaying favorite dishes, accent pieces, family heirlooms, and plants, as well as creating space and quick access to those small appliances that are reached for all the time.

Staying on Top of the Trends

At Meridian, we are truly custom – which means that we are flexible to adapt to the newest trends and ideas that clients are asking for. When clients come with questions – we’ll help you get the answers.