Meridian Launches First Line of Reconstituted Veneer Doors and Drawers

By Terry Mohler, Sales & Marketing Manager

The industry’s recent increased demand for Rift Cut White Oak (which we all know takes longer to cut, uses less of the tree, and is more expensive to produce), has resulted in a resurgence in the use of reconstituted veneers. 

As the market looks for sheet goods with clean and consistent color, these man-made veneers are an environmentally friendly and more consistent-looking alternative. They are created using real wood from natural, renewable sources made to mimic the color, grain patterns, and natural characteristics of more expensive, rare, or exotic wood species. These veneers are a great option for customers desiring the look of more expensive species and cuts, like Rift Cut White Oak.

Meridian Products is pleased to offer its first line of reconstituted veneer doors and drawers to meet the needs of this growing market trend. Our line includes veneers that are created to mimic the following species: Rift White Oak, QTR Walnut, QC Wenge, QC Cherry, and Mahogany. 

Contact any of our sales members for more information on our new line of Recon Veneer Doors.