Meridian Products Introduces the Evolution Series

By Katie Van Blargan, Meridian Products Customer Service

New Year – New Doors. As we rang in 2023 with goals to stay at the forefront of kitchen trends, Meridian Products proudly launched its new Evolution series. Looking to redo your kitchen both beautifully and efficiently? Then say hello to Meridian’s newest rising trend – an Evolution, if you will.

The Evolution Series is Meridian Product’s first in-house TFL product line. Part of Meridian’s beloved Homestead Collection, the series is initially being offered in nine colors. Embracing the top kitchen cabinet color trends, the line includes five super matte colors, which are in-demand because their satin finish does not show fingerprints, smudges, or scratches. The line also includes four wood grain looks that will make you do a double take – they look just like real wood!

The color choice determines which technology is used in the design of the cabinet. Six options use EVA glue, which is a hot melt glue that joins the edges together. Three of the options use the new fusion edge technology which uses hot air, lasers, and infrared bonding to seamlessly fuse the edges.

Meridian Products new Evolution series provides customers with a trending and affordable option for their kitchen remodel. And, while Meridian can provide all the cabinetry doors, installers will have to head to the local Wurth Baer Supply Company for any sheet goods needed for installation.