Using Reclaimed Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

By Katie Van Blargan, Meridian Customer Service

The use of reclaimed wood in the cabinetry industry is providing an eco-friendly option for customers, while delivering an end product that is unique, charming, and rustic – a look that is very much in demand.

We’ve all heard the phrase: The older, the wiser, which basically means the older we get, the better we are (minus the knee and back pain!). While this refers to the benefits of a person having experience, how can we relate this to wood? In the instance of reclaimed wood, its physical and aesthetic qualities often make it the “older and wiser” choice.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is simply old lumber that has been recycled for a new purpose. This wood is typically taken from older homes, barns, or buildings. Each company that obtains this wood finds ways to treat and process the wood so it can be reused in efficient and effective ways. While there are numerous kinds of reclaimed wood, at Meridian Products, we most often use barn wood. This wood is very popular with customers and provides a weathered look that is full of character and charm.

Pros and Cons of Using Reclaimed Wood

Let’s dive deeper and explore the benefits of using reclaimed wood.


  • Going Green: Meridian Products use of reclaimed wood provides a “green” option for customers. The reuse of old wood helps slow the effects of deforestation, giving time for young sprouts to grow. It also reduces landfill fill-up, reducing dangerous methane gases, and limits the relocation of wildlife in the areas cleared.
  • Strength: Older wood that has been exposed to the elements for a longer time is no longer expanding and contracting, so it’s stronger and less likely to split.
  • Characteristics: The wider rings and knots/markings common in reclaimed wood carry a unique charm, very much in demand by customers who are seeking a more rustic look.
  • Finishing: The natural-aged beauty of reclaimed wood, does not require additional finishing once it’s treated — this product is beautiful all on its own.

For every “this is a great idea” there’s a little voice that carries doubt. Let’s address some of the concerns customers sometimes have with using reclaimed wood.


  • Pests and Infestations: We all know that there are plenty of bugs and woodland creatures that make their home in wood. To avoid issues, have the wood inspected properly before buying and/or selling a job.
  • Toxins: Aged woods must be preserved from their original source. This can be done using lead, preservatives, insecticides and so on. Be sure to inspect the wood to ensure quality.
  • Higher cost: Because the wood goes through a special process to be ready for reuse, it will require additional labor and ultimately end up costing a bit more. However, for a customer seeking a green solution or a more rustic kitchen, it will be worth it.

Products using reclaimed wood are a beautiful, elegant addition to any home. Meridian Products is pleased to provide this eco-friendly option for your customers’ kitchen, bath, or study.