Women’s History Month: A Celebration of Progress

By Katie Van Blargan, Meridian Customer Service

Unlike our modern-day workforce, there was a time in history when hiring women for labor-intensive jobs was unheard of. But things changed quickly when World War II happened.

While men were off at war, the U.S. struggled to find workers to support wartime manufacturing efforts. There was no better time to hire females, so a campaign was launched to increase their presence in the workforce.

USA Postage Stamp: Women Support War Effort - We Can Do It!

“Rosie the Riveter,” an iconic heroine who was featured on job recruitment posters, became a symbol of inspiration in the early 1940s – and helped grow the female working population from 27% to 37%.

With her polka dot bandana, denim overalls, flexed arm, and “We Can Do It!” message, Rosie represented the strong, capable females who were working in factories, shipyards, and other industries to help produce war materials including airplanes, tanks, and munitions.

These events represented a significant shift in our society’s perception of women and their role in the workforce, and we’ve never looked back.

Celebrating the Women of Meridian

To honor the contributions and progress made by women throughout history, March is recognized as Women’s History Month. To celebrate, Meridian Products would like to acknowledge our talented female team members and the importance of female representation in the woodworking industry.

Woodworking was among the industries that experienced a surge of female workers during World War II. And while this industry is still predominantly male, female representation is on the rise.

The rising popularity of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept has produced many female designers, wood shop owners, and cabinet makers who are influential figures in the industry. Here at Meridian, women of all ages and experiences have chosen woodworking as their career path.

Over the past decade, Meridian’s female hires have increased by 43%. We currently employ 40 women who are supervisors, sales reps, office administrators, and shop specialists. Together, they play a significant role in our company’s success.

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