Discover the Latest Kitchen and Bathroom Trends from KBIS 2024

KBIS, the industry’s premier kitchen and bath designer show in North America, boasted record attendance at this year’s show. Meridian’s team members were onsite to take in the newest trends and innovative ideas shaping our industry.

From American market trends like cabinet preferences and door designs to European and Asian influences on future US trends, Meridian captured valuable information to share with team members and customers. Whether it’s the rise of frameless construction or the demand for specific cabinet designs and colors, KBIS provides invaluable insights for professionals like us.

To delve deeper into these trends and gain valuable knowledge for your business, Meridian Products invites you to read our latest blog “2024 KBIS: What’s New in Kitchens and Baths.” Our team has curated this content to keep you informed and inspired.

Stay ahead of the curve and discover what’s driving the industry forward.