The Many Benefits Of Using A Polyurethane Finish

Meridian Products is excited to share a technological enhancement within its Finish Department, transitioning from a conversion varnish to a two-component Poly finish. There are numerous benefits of using Poly, among the most beneficial is that it’s environmentally friendly, being acid and formaldehyde-free, and cures in half the time of conversion varnishes.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved durability with excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, and marring
  • Superior elasticity (minimizes cracking over glued surfaces/joints)
  • Increased anti-yellowing resistance
  • Higher stability in coating (allows for 8 dry mils of film with no cracking)
  • Pigment loads up to 35%
  • Easy to mix ratios (by weight or volume)
  • Flexible sheen
    • Clear coat and stains: 5%, 15%, 35%
    • Paints: 5%, 20%, 40%

The transition to Poly will begin in mid-December, and be fully implemented by the end of January 2024.