Understanding Key Meridian Products Cabinet Terminology: Setback and Panel Insert 

Navigating cabinetry terminology can be tricky, especially with varying terms used across the wood industry. We want to shed light on two essential terms that are crucial for your next project: setback and panel insert.

Setback is how far the inside framing is setback to the face of the panel. Setback can vary depending on door thickness, along with the frame profile that is chosen. There are, however, standards that are set for specific thickness. On a ¾ inch, your standard setback is 3/8 inch. On a one-inch door, your standard setback is half an inch.

Panel Insert denotes how far the panel is inserted into the frame plow. At Meridian Products, we insert the panel 5/16 of an inch into the plow, allowing room for space balls to accommodate expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes.

Understanding these terms will enhance your ability to choose the right components for your projects. For a deeper dive into these concepts and more, visit our blog for the full story.