Evolution Series

Meridian Products is proud to introduce our new Evolution Series. Part of our Homestead collection, this series is our first in-house, manufactured TFL line. Produced on our new Holzher Lumian 1380 edge bander, the series is being initially offered in 9 colors, some of which are wood grained, others are super mattes. Three of the designs will be produced in the new Fusion edge technology and the others are produced using EVA glue. The various color choices detail which technology is used in the design. Matching sheet goods and edge banding are available and can be purchased by your local Wurth Baer Supply location.

What is Fusion Edge?

Fusion edge is a laser edge banding that creates an almost nonexistent joint with no glue line. It’s a great choice for those wanting a modern European-looking kitchen or bath.

Browse our Evolution Series

  • Series 1
    Eucalyptus (EVA)
    Eucalyptus (EVA)
    Urban Vibe (Grained Super Matte - EVA)
    Urban Vibe (Grained Super Matte - EVA)
    Force of Nature (EVA)
    Force of Nature (EVA)
    Winter Fun (Fusion)
    Winter Fun (Fusion)
  • Series 2 - Wood Grains
    Straight Noce
    Mod Elm
    Dark Walnut
  • Series 3 - High Gloss
    Black Noir HG
    Carte Blanche HG
    Midnight Sun HG
    Vanilla Orchid HG
  • Series 4 - Perfect Matte
    Black Noir PM
    Calm Sea PM
    Carte Blanche PM
    Midnight Sun PM
    Vanilla Orchid PM