Doors & Drawers

The doors and drawers of cabinetry set the tone for the entire kitchen or bath. Sleek and crisp or ornate and traditional? Our comprehensive line of door & drawer products is extremely versatile, with the ability to customize and give you the unique look your client is dreaming of.

Mortise & Tenon Doors

Our Mortise & Tenon designs allow you to create the door style that fits your design need by utilizing one of our many framing profiles. We offer dozens of framing profiles for all thicknesses of doors and drawers. Mortise and tenon is the standard-bearer in custom kitchen production due to its strong construction joint and lean construction.

Notched Doors

Our Notched Doors are designed to give the product the construction strength of a mortise and tenon door with the design flexibility of a miter bead. These designs are produced with a 45-degree angle at the bead profile for a clean, crisp joint which flows into a 90-degree tenon joint for structural superiority.

Mitered Doors

Our Mitered Doors are uniquely constructed utilizing a mitered mortise and tenon joint. The tenon width is determined by the framing width, engineered to be the widest it can be. We take our manufacturing process one step further in that we rotary clamp every door in a hydraulic press until the adhesive is cured. A host of profile molded framing can be chosen to achieve a mitered look.

Applied Molding Doors

Our Applied Molding Doors utilize start-of-the-art equipment to measure, cut, and apply molding profiles. The end result is a handcrafted door featuring crisp, mitered molding applied to a wide selection of eye-catching profiles. Our offerings include the latest trends in applied molding along with time-tested classics.


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  • Mortise & Tenon Designs
    MRP0171Species: PG MapleColor: AquaRaise: 3/8" rev GBead: Design SpecificEdge: MER
    MRP0171Species: Rift White OakColor: CinnamonRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 0171Edge: MER
    MRP0190 - 1"Species: Paint GradeColor: PorcelainRaise: 1/2" Rev GBead: SpecificEdge: ME
    MRP0236Species: Paint GradeColor: TurquoiseRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: D-BeadEdge: MER
    MRP10Species: CherryColor: DuskRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: ColonialEdge: ME
    MRP10Species: CherryColor: RussetRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 30 Degree BevelEdge: ME
    MRP10Species: Knotty AlderColor: Roman ColosseumRaise: 3/8" Modified 45Bead: GeorgetownEdge: PR2
    MRP10Species: Hard White MapleColor: LimeRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: GeorgetownEdge: ME
    MRP10Species: Hard White MapleColor: PeanutRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: SquareEdge: MER
    MRP10 Frame OnlySpecies: Hard MapleColor: Clear CoatBead: SquareEdge: MEOptions: Frame Only
    MRP14Species: CherryColor: Blackened CherryRaise: 5/8" Rev GBead: Square ReverseEdge: 1/16" Radius Face Only
    FP0149Species: PG MapleColor: MintRaise: 3/8" SquareBead: Design SpecificEdge: ME
    FP0149Species: Quartersawn Red OakColor: PeanutRaise: 3/8" SquareBead: SquareEdge: MER
    FP1097Species: Paint GradeColor: FlintRaise: FlatBead: SpecificEdge: ME
    FP1097Species: Rift Cut White OakColor: MochaRaise: FlatBead: SpecificEdge: MER
    FP10M066Species: PG MapleColor: OliveRaise: FlatBead: Design SpecificEdge: 1/16" Radius front Only
    FP10Species: Rift Red OakColor: MochaRaise: FlatBead: ColonialEdge: MER
    FP10Species: Rift White OakColor: Cerused ClassicRaise: FlatBead: SquareEdge: MEOptions: Seasoned Graining
    FP10Species: Rift White OakColor: ShadowRaise: FlatBead: SquareEdge: MER
    FP14Species: Hard White MapleColor: DuskRaise: 3/8" SquareBead: SpecificEdge: MER
    FP16Species: Hard White MapleColor: BraunRaise: 3/8" SquareBead: SquareEdge: MEROptions: 3" Framing
    MRP0167Species: CherryColor: MerlotRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: Step RailsEdge: MODIFIED EURO
    MRP0167Species: Paint GradeColor: Frosty WhiteRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 0173 RailsEdge: ME
    MRP0232Species: WalnutColor: Clear CoatRaise: 1/2" CBead: R BeadEdge: ST Cove
  • Notched Designs
    MRP250Species: PG BirchColor: Fossil GrayRaise: 3/8" Mod 45Bead: 3/16" StepEdge: ME
    MRP250Species: Hard White MapleColor: AcornRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 9540Edge: ME
    MRP250Species: Hard White MapleColor: BambooRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 9540Edge: M4MOptions: 3/8" Pnl Groove
    MRP250Species: CherryColor: DriftwoodRaise: 3/8" U CoveBead: 1/4" CoveEdge: MER
    MRP250Species: CherryColor: FogRaise: 5/8" C RaiseBead: 1/4" CoveEdge: ST Cove
    MRP250Species: Rift White OakColor: EspressoRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 3/16" StepEdge: ME
    MRP375Species: CherryColor: Driftwood W Black GlazeRaise: PotomacBead: 0191Edge: 1/16" RADIUS
    MRP375Species: CherryColor: FogRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: Md 2stepEdge: Modified Euro
    MRP375Species: Hard White MapleColor: AcornRaise: LN BeadBead: PVOEdge: AC2
    MRP375Species: MahoganyColor: EspressoRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: MEREdge: 3" Framing
    MRP375Species: PG BirchColor: Frosty w Pewter GlazeRaise: 318Bead: Q BeadEdge: PR2Options: 2 3/4" Framing
    MRP375Species: SapeleColor: Clear CoatRaise: M BeadBead: PvoEdge: PR2
    MRP5625Species: Knotty HickoryColor: Clear coatRaise: SW RaiseBead: 260Edge: ME
    MRP5625Species: Walnut - Birdseye Maple PanelColor: Clear coatRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: Y BeadEdge: Y2Options: 3 1/4" Framing
    MRP750Species: Paint GradeColor: ColonialRaise: 9/16" SimBead: 5/8" CoveEdge: ST Cove
    MRP750Species: Rift White OakColor: HoneyRaise: A CoveBead: 195Edge: M2Options: 3" Framing
    MRP750Species: PG MapleColor: SmokeRaise: 9/16" SIMBead: M9834Edge: Ogee
    MRP1000Species: MahoganyColor: WalnutRaise: 318Bead: ArtisanEdge: JW
    MRP1000Species: SapeleColor: CiderRaise: Cove RFBead: ArtisanEdge: F2
    MRP5625Species: Knotty HickoryColor: CinnamonRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: 0260Edge: ME
    MRP5625Species: WalnutColor: WalnutRaise: 3/8" Modified 45Bead: 0173Edge: MER
  • Miter Designs
    M0183Species: WalnutColor: EspressoRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: Design SpecificEdge: M4M
    M40Species: PG BirchColor: Colonial W Van Dyke GlazeRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: Design SpecificEdge: Design specific
    M40RPSpecies: Hard White MapleColor: LimeRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: SpecificEdge: Specific
    M9617Species: CherryColor: CiderRaise: D PanelBead: Design SpecificEdge: Design specific
    M9620Species: Hard White MapleColor: Honey w Black GlazeRaise: Geo BeadBead: Design SpecificEdge: Design specific
  • Applied Molding Designs
    FP10M066Species: PG MapleColor: OliveRaise: FlatBead: Design SpecificEdge: 1/16" Radius front Only
    FP10M066Species: Paint Grade Hard White MapleColor: OliveRaise: Flat PanelBead: SpecificEdge: MER
    MRP10M018Species: Hard White MapleColor: Dove StainRaise: 3/8" Rev GBead: OgeeEdge: ME
    FP10M020Species: Hard White MapleColor: LimeRaise: 3/8" Rev GEdge: ME
    MRP10M050Species: Hard White MapleColor: FogRaise: 3/8" Rev GEdge: MER
    MRP10M050Species: CherryColor: PeanutRaise: 3/8" Rev GEdge: M4M
    MRP9750Species: Hard MapleColor: DuskRaise: JWBead: Design SpecificEdge: ST Cove

Disclaimer: These digital images of Meridian Products finishes are to be utilized as sales support only. These images will vary in color depending on your computer’s color setting and are not intended for actual color match. Please see a Meridian Products’ color chip when selecting color and adhere to the written disclaimer on the back of the chip.