Team Spotlight: Thomas Plank

Get to Know the Team Behind Meridian Products

My name is Thomas Plank and I’ve been a passionate woodworker for over 20 years. I started at Meridian Products in 1997 shaping panels and worked my way up to be an inspector and patcher. I also worked in shipping and in the specialty department carving corners of the M4M edge.

I did move on to another cabinet shop for a brief period, but returned to Meridian Products when the Meridian team opened a position for me to expand my woodworking experience and begin building big wainscot doors. While building wainscots, I also helped out in the framing department, which provided more opportunities to learn and expand my experience.

In 2001, I moved on to the specialty department and then to our rough mill. There, I learned several new jobs, including grading lumber, running the rough planer, gang rip saw, panel opti-cut saw, straight line saw, panel planer, and cutting plywood. I worked in the rough mill for 2 years.

I was then provided the opportunity to work in the framing, notching, and panel department — again, learning new skills and gaining more experience. After 6 years I bid on a job in our specials department. I got the job and was able to try my hands at doing mullion doors. I also was able to gain experience cutting arch panels and carving M4M.

In 2014, I left Meridian to work for my church for a while, but again returned to Meridian in 2017. This time I was delivering and working in shipping and lipping. Within these past five years, I’ve learned how to lip, run the Unique, Costa sander, polish sander, and fit doors.

When I’m not working, my time is spent with Lisa, my wife of 24 years. I have two sons Connor, who is 20 and Carson, who is 14. Both my sons have played baseball and I have coached for over 15 years. I also help out with the Upward basketball program at the New Holland Nazarene Church. This year we had 465 kids join our program. I have also been on 12 mission trips. Feel free to ask me about them anytime.

Woodworking is truly my passion — so when I’m not at Meridian, I’m woodworking at home!

Headshot of Meridian Products employee Thomas Plank