Communication and Collaboration in Order Processing

By Terry Mohler, Sales & Marketing Manager

At Meridian Products, we pride ourselves on being artisans and innovators in the high-end luxury kitchen and bath industry. Over the years, we’ve made significant investments in time and resources to enhance our manufacturing processes and efficiencies to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, our work with architects and interior designers has grown, expanding our customer base in new markets and introducing our custom cabinetry to high-end customers seeking luxury cabinetry. Successfully capturing the intent and details of these projects is key to a successful outcome and a happy end user. 

As our partners interact with our customer service processes, clean ordering that minimizes errors and questions is essential and saves both time and money for all involved. While Meridian’s Customer Service Representatives are available to answer questions and assist our partners in the ordering process, most orders start with a simple form.

Our CSRs have compiled some tips to ensure needed info is captured at the starting point of the ordering process:

  • Supply only the information needed. While CAD drawings can be very thorough and detailed, they can often supply too much information that does not apply to your outsourced needs. If we need them; we’ll request them.
  • Be sure to include details regarding needed thickness, door design, edge profile, frame bead, raise profiles, any required options (hinge rout, finish, etc.), quantity, and sizes.
  • Refer to and use Meridian Products terminology. This ensures we’re on the same page and will understand your needs accurately.
  • Use the Meridian Products order form if possible. The fields have been chosen specifically to provide what we need to begin your project. If you wish to use your own form, please work with our sales team members to ensure your order form captures the necessary content and instructions our team will need. 

Meridian Products will continue collaborating with our customers to ensure ordering is clean and efficient. Feel free to contact your sales team member or any of our customer service representatives if you have questions or run into any challenges with the ordering process. Our end goal is to provide a high-end quality product that meets the needs of our partners and the end customer.