Winter 2024

Range Hood Line Introduced

We’re excited to now offer our own wood grain Range Hood line with both contemporary and traditional designs. The quality and production process of this new line are sure to meet all of our customers’ needs and expectations. It is available in seven designs and eight standard species. While the line has several standard size options, all of them are available in custom sizes through our SPP process. Your sales member has a sample hood they can show you to review. Contact them to set up a meeting.

New Contemporary 3-Piece Door Style

As popularity of contemporary kitchens continues to rise in our industry, Meridian Products is offering a new look for homeowners embracing contemporary kitchen designs. Our new E 300 edge banded, three-piece veneer door has a horizontal grain panel with vertical grain stiles. The outside of the door is edge banded with matching solid wood edge tape. Offered in Rift Cut White or Red Oak, this product is creating quite a buzz with design enthusiasts. Refer to page 14.4 of our 2024 product manual.

Bottom Mount Double Trash Can Pull-Out

Meridian Products introduces its first bottom mount trash can pull-out, featuring two 36-quart white trash cans and a box pull-out produced in Hard Maple with a clear finish. This unit allows the homeowner to separate trash and recyclable items in a sizable trash can. Please see our 2024 product manual, page 18.16 for more details.

New Contemporary Hand Pull Design

Meridian Products has developed a new square style hand pull to meet the needs of homeowners looking for a completely contemporary kitchen design. This new pull looks amazing on slab door fronts in Rift Cut material. Refer to page 16.7 in our 2024 product manual for more details.

Transition to a Two-Component Polyurethane

Meridian Products has recently moved from a conversion varnish to a two-component polyurethane (Poly) finish. There are numerous benefits of using Poly, among the most beneficial:

  • Acid and formaldehyde-free
  • Faster cure time
  • Improved durability with resistance to moisture, chemicals, and marring
  • Easy mix ratios (by weight or volume)
  • More standard sheen options

Along with this change, Meridian will be offering a new white paint color called “True White”.

Please contact your sales team for more details on how the move to Poly will benefit customers.

New Molding Options

We are pleased to introduce 18 new molding options to our standard offerings list. These designs are very popular in the industry. See our 2024 product manual pages 20.3 to 20.14 for more details. Shown are just a few examples of the new moldings now available.

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